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Brick Paver Pricing : Pricing for brick below is actual cost, we give more rock base & drainage than most companies

Standard Paving (Full Installation)

Prices:      $13 / Square Foot (any pattern)  

Examples:     AquaRoc, Arcadia, Cambridge, Classic, Cobblestone, Collonade, Dublin Cobble, EcoBrick, EcoClassic, Fineline, Hollandstone, Holland Series (shown), OGC, Romanesque, Symmetry, Vintage Series, Wexford


Semi-Custom Paving (Full Installation)

Prices:    $14 / Square Foot (any pattern)

Examples:      Becon Hill, Brussels, Bergerac, Cassina, Centurion, Ill Campo, Lafitt, Mega Arbel, Old World, Presidio, Ridgefield (shown),Stonehenge, Subterra Stone, Trevia, Urbana, Villanova    

Custom Paving (Full Installation)

Prices:     $15 - $17 / Square Foot (any pattern) 

Examples:   Avenue Matrix, Cassina Plus, Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff, Rivenstone, Series 3000, Torino, Umbriano (shown)


Super Custom Paving (Full Installation)

Prices:    $18 - $20 / Square Foot (any pattern)

Examples:    Belpasso, Townhall, Unigranite (shown)

Lighted/LED/Glow Pavers (Full Installation)

(Your paver is drilled/light installed/wired & layed)

$50 / Each      NighTec Blue Glow Light Paver (shown)

$100 / Each      In Lite Standard Light*

$125 / Each      Glo-Lite 60 Frosted Light*

$150 / Each      DB-LED Light LED Light*

$175 / Each    Stellar Light Bright Light*

$175 / Each    Fusion 60 Light Brightest Light*

$700 / KIT       14 Piece Kit of 4x8 lighted pavers

$800 / KIT       14 Piece Kit of 8x8 lighted pavers                                  

*Please note pricing is for connection to a timer provided by customer, if not we sell them below.

                                                    Transformer Timers  300w (Full Installation)

                                                        Good  $300

                                                        Better -  $450

                                                        Best -     $550